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How to manage my workload better

Have you reached the point where you’re spinning so many plates that they may just come crashing down on you any minute? Welcome to the life of a business owner! We have that much to think about and so many tasks to do that it can become overwhelming if not managed correctly. Here’s a few pointers to hopefully make your life a little easier!

Don’t be afraid to say no!

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a business owner, not saying no! If you’re like me you’re a ‘yes person’ which means you don’t like to disappoint so you just keep saying yes to everything that’s thrown your way. What you’ve got to learn to say is, I can’t actually do that right now, what I can do is… and give yourself some more space and time. There’s only so many hours in a day and realistically you need to organise your time better by telling people when you can fit the work in and not over committing yourself. Your clients will understand and you will feel so much more able to cope which in turn means you will become more productive.

Have a to do list

Whether you like to put pen to paper or you have some time management software such as Asana it’s great to have a list in place of what you need to do. Mapping out a plan of action will mean that you can prioritse your workload and when you start ticking things off the list you will get a sense of accomplishment. When you see your progress it will motivate you further.

Set out your tasks in smaller chunks rather than larger tasks which are harder to tackle.


Don’t be afraid to automate, especially smaller, more menial tasks. Automation may take time to set up but once you have it in place it will be a weight off your shoulders. All the small 5 minute tasks add up and you’ll be surprised at home much time automation will save you.

If you need some help with this, or you’re not sure what processes you can automate then get in touch!

Grow your team

You may not think you’re ready for a team of people yet, however this doesn’t mean you have to employ someone. Employing someone is a big commitment. What you can do is outsource to freelancers where there is no long term contractual obligation. At Two Birds Resources we help to support businesses with their growth. There is no commitment to subscribe for specific hours each month. If you want help one month but not the next, then that’s absolutely fine!

Why not book a discovery call today, to see how we can help you, and stop those plates from crashing down on you!

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