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My life in lockdown

Everyone has their own lockdown story to tell. Some positive, some not so much. I am one for believing that everything happens for a reason and if you believe good things will happen then you make them happen. I don’t think anyone envisaged that anything like COVID-19 would ever happen in our lifetime. Yes we’ve all seen it in the movies but we never imagined it would be our reality. Before we started to see the pandemic in all it’s glory and before lockdown was thrown upon us, I’ve got to admit I didn’t take it seriously enough. I just thought it was a cold we would all get over. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks before lockdown that I started to consider that it was more serious than I first thought. In the week the UK locked down we were supposed to be flying out to Budapest to celebrate my husband, Dave’s 50th Birthday with friends. I remember sitting in our local pub just over a week before we were due to fly out. We needed to make a decision as to whether we wanted to chance flying out there. After constant chatter about the Coronavirus, I took a moment to listen to the conversations going on around the pub, everyone was talking about the same thing. This was so surreal! On 18th March the government announced that all schools would be closing by the end of the week, and all exams would be cancelled. I have a 6 year old, Kai and a 16 year old, Taylor along with 2 step children. It was a shock for Taylor to hear that he wouldn’t get the opportunity to sit his GCSE’s. He’s clever but like most boys, he didn’t try his hardest in his mock exams, he knew he could have done more revision and tried harder. Who knew a pandemic would turn our world upside down? Of course that’s when panic buying set in, people were taking to the shops like moths to a flame! What was the panic about? Why did people need so much toilet roll and pasta? I’ve never seen sights like it! Supermarket shelves were completely empty, staff unable to keep up with demand and then completely running out of stock. I hadn’t been worried until now, until I witnessed the scenes for myself. It was like an apocalyptic horror film! After the initial shock set in, I encouraged Taylor not to worry too much about the situation he had found himself in. After all, everyone his age was in the same boat and they still had a couple of days left in school to enjoy with their friends. Until it was cut short that was! The day after the government announced schools would be closing at the end of the week I received an email from the school to say Year 11 students were not to return to school for their last day, as they needed to focus on the younger students. Not only were the year 11 students having the opportunity to sit their exams taken away from them, they were also having their last day of school taken away too. No last goodbyes to friends and teachers as they had planned. It was a lot to take in. W/c 23rd March home schooling commences in the same week the UK locks down Every New Years Eve, I take the time to sit and wonder what the New Year will bring. Never did I imagine that I would be home schooling a 6 year old whilst working from home and the whole country would be locked down on Dave’s birthday. His 50th birthday was the first day of lock down and we spent it in the garden having fun with the kids. Not the birthday he had expected but none the less he still had a great birthday and we as a family had a great first day in lockdown. To be continued….. #covid19 #lockdown #lockdownstory #workingfromhome #homeschooling #twobirdsresources

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