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What type of work can I outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

Never worked with a Virtual Assistant (VA) before? Then you may be wondering what it is a Virtual Assistant does and what tasks they can help you with.

All VA’s are different. Some specialise in particular areas such as social media or just standard admin services. At Two Birds Resources we support our clients with the growth of their business and turn our hand to almost anything! We love the variation of our role, no day is ever the same.

The great thing about hiring a Virtual Assistant is that you can hand work over as and when you need to. If you’re busy one week and not the next, then that doesn’t matter, a VA will be reactive to your work schedule.

They work virtually so it doesn’t matter where they are based, so you can get the expert you need for your business without them having to live nearby. We have clients from Aberdeen to Bournemouth so location really doesn’t matter.

So what type of work can you hand over?

We have a broad range of experience and knowledge to help you with almost anything! We’re a partnership with different specialist areas. Katie is great with anything bookkeeping related and loves Xero and Dext! She also does the majority of our Social Media and planning our marketing strategy.

I love the design side of things, blogging, web design, creating lead magnets, logos and business cards, the list goes on! But it’s also nice to get down to the basics of email and diary management and a good old spreadsheet!

We now have Michaela and Anthony on our team. Michaela is the social media queen and Anthony enjoys the admin side and event planning.

How do I know what to hand over?

Basically I tell all of our new clients to go about their working day as usual but make a list whilst doing so. Anything which you’re doing which doesn’t require your expertise then write it down. If it’s something you don’t enjoy doing or it takes up too much of your time, put it on the list.

Once you get going with this list, you will find yourself forever adding to it and that’s fine!

If you’re still after a bit more clarification of what we can do then download our services guide here

Bring your list to us and we can have a chat together about how we can support you

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