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Are you considering changing your Client management Software?

Recently we’ve had a lot of new and existing clients approach us as they are wanting to change their client management software (CRM).

We work with a lot of bookkeepers and accountants and with the introduction of Client Engager there’s been a massive increase in enquiries.

Changing your CRM can seem quite daunting and it’s incredibly time consuming. In order to make your business as productive and efficient as possible it’s important you have the right software in place. So why not outsource this task?

Things to consider when changing your software

  1. What’s the reason you want to change software? Does your current software not give you everything you need? Define your objectives, what do you hope to achieve from moving providers?

  2. Is it easy to move your data from one software provider to another?

  3. How much will you need to invest on training?

  4. Will the new software offer a better way of working?

  5. Does the software allow you to do everything all in one place?

The transition from one software provider to another need not be confusing or time consuming for you. We can help export data from your existing provider, even if this is just a spreadsheet you use! I know some people aren’t tech savvy and love a spreadsheet!

We can make the process as seamless as possible ensuring all data from your current software is moved across. We can also give you a demo on how to get started with your workflows once we have these in place for you.

New technology can be a little overwhelming if you’re not exactly sure about what it does. Therefore once we’ve got you set up we can talk you through the process so you’re comfortable with using it.

At Two Birds Resources we promote using the best software possible for your business so that it frees up time in order for you to invest in areas of your business which need you the most. That’s why we’re here to help you with your day to day tasks that don’t necessarily require your expertise.

Your business is in safe hands with us.

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