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Do you want to build a business and work from home?

There's been lots of conversations in business groups recently from people looking for flexible working and avoiding MLM and similar businesses. I myself have tried various businesses that involve Multi Level Marketing and find there's lots of hard work required with very minimal results. This isn't to offend anyone who does this and has managed to build a great business out of it, fair play to you!

However, there are other opportunities available to you if you're seeking a job working from home or wanting to build your own business with the flexibility you desire.

During the Covid pandemic I was furloughed and it gave me the opportunity to think about what I could do to help businesses who had furloughed their staff. I figured that there would be lots of businesses who still needed to continue working to stay afloat but couldn't afford to keep staff working. I decided to take the plunge and help businesses with their admin and social media working from home.

Fast forward nearly 4 years and my sister and I have built a successful Virtual Assistant business supporting over 30 clients and also have a team member working with us, Anthony.

If you follow me, you may have seen that I celebrated my 40th Birthday a few weeks ago. Following these celebrations I've slipped a disc in my back, which is also pressing down on my sciatic nerve. This has meant I've been stranded on the sofa for the past 2 weeks. The doctors tell me there's a big chance this could last up to 12 weeks. Something which has been totally unexpected. Despite this I've still been able to work, I've not let my clients down. I absolutely love what I do and if I didn't carry on as normal I'd be bored to death!

I've managed to build a business which is flexible around my family life and around unexpected situations. Working from home has meant my business can continue even if I am working from the sofa rather than my desk! Last year my sister found herself in a very similar situation, she broke her heel bone which left her unable to walk for nearly a year! She's still struggling now, but having her own business has meant she's not lost any income, she's simply carried out working from her sofa.

So, you see, you can build a business which offers you flexibility working from home without having to get involved in an MLM pyramid. We've recently developed a course to help people just like you to get their businesses started. Why not book a chat with me to find out how it can work for you?

We've also created a supportive community on Facebook where VA's can share their experience and knowledge and where aspiring VA's can ask for advice. VA's will also use this platform to advertise for affiliate roles from time to time, so make sure you join today to keep up with the latest news.


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