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What type of business can use a virtual assistant?

Have you been wondering if you could outsource to a Virtual Assistant? Are you not sure whether a VA would be the right fit for your business?

Basically any type of business in any industry can utilise a Virtual Assistant. Most business owners know they are ready to hire a Virtual Assistant when they start to feel overwhelmed but aren’t ready to employ a staff member. A VA can take the pressure off by taking on the work you can easily handover, you don’t like to do yourself, or you simply just don’t have the time for.

A VA also comes in handy for your business if you have a short term project and don’t want to have to hire temporary staff. The flexibility of a VA means you can just hire them for a set period of time and there’s no implications when it comes to having to pay tax and national insurance and committing to fixed contracts.

At Two Birds Resources we sell blocks of time and social media packages. The more hours you purchase the more discount you get off the hourly rate. We also offer packages for web design too. You can find out more about what we offer here...

We work with various types of businesses ranging from bookkeepers and accountants, business coaches, cleaners, photographers, software and training providers to landlords and beauticians. You see we look after a wide range of clients but our niche is profoundly bookkeepers and accountants. Hiring a VA who has experience in your field means that they can give you advice on processes and help you to implement new software and automation.

No matter the size of your business or what industry you are in you can always find the need for a VA. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how working virtually can still feel like you have another team member. We’ve gotten really close to our clients and feel like part of their team. It’s an ethos we pride ourselves in.

If you would like Two Birds Resources to be an extended member of your team, then book a discovery call today.

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