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Reflecting on 2022

What a year it’s been! If you’ve been following me for some time you’ll know that I always treat New Years Eve as a day of reflection. I reflect on the year past and wonder what the next year will bring.

We’ve had a great year at Two Birds Resources. We’ve got clients that have been with us since the beginning of our journey in 2020 and for that we are really thankful. They are our backbone of support, always singing our praises and recommending us to others. We are very lucky that we have our clients behind us striving for our success.

This year we have welcomed 20 new clients! 8 of which joined us in January. I never expected to come back after the Christmas break to so many new clients needing our support. It just goes to show that we really never know what’s around the corner. I think January perhaps motivates people to put their goals into action and what better way than to outsource some tasks so that you can concentrate on your business?

Katie and I have managed to get out and about and meet some of our clients face to face which has been great. We keep in touch with most of our clients via Zoom call which is lovely in the virtual world we work in, but it’s so much better getting together face to face. Something which we just couldn’t do when we first founded the business. The Covid Pandemic meant a virtual assistant really was virtual!

This year, in recent months we lost our Nan. Our Nan was a great support throughout our lives. She always made me believe that I could do anything I put my mind to and she was totally right. Nanna has left a huge whole in our lives. We’ve not coped the best without her and Katie has had to take more time out of the business to support my Grandpa who has lost his soul mate, so as you can imagine he’s rather lost without her. The flexibility of having our own business has meant that Katie has been able to take that time out to spend with Grandpa, time with him which is precious. My coping technique has been to throw myself into work so our partnership has really helped us both. Our clients have been so supportive and we want to thank them for their understanding and well wishes we have received. It means more than you’ll ever know!

We truly love supporting our clients to grow their businesses. We are so pleased that a number of our clients have shared with us that this year, with our support they have managed to hit 6 figures! We couldn’t be more proud of them and we’re so glad to be part of their business journeys. Long may it continue!

We’ve already been getting lots of enquiries with the run up to Christmas and New Year and we have contemplated closing our books at the beginning of 2023 to new clients. However, we don’t like to say no to supporting as many businesses as we can. Therefore we are looking to expand our team in order to give people the support they need and interviews are taking place the first week back in January. We will of course monitor our workload to ensure that we are giving the best service possible to our existing clients, as this is incredibly important to us.

We don’t know what 2023 will bring but we do know it will be a great year! The key to success is to remain positive no matter what life throws at you.

We wish you all the best for the new year!


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