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What’s the best marketing strategy for my business?

Having a marketing strategy is important for any business, no matter where you are at in your business journey. Being present online and consistent with your social media means that you will develop trust with your audience and show that you are reputable.

We recommend to all of our clients putting a marketing strategy in place and reviewing it at regular intervals such as each month or quarter. Marketing isn’t just about online presence though, there are other ways you can get your business name out there.

These are the steps we follow with our clients…

1. Establish who your audience is

You may not have a particular niche but you need to understand who your audience is. Who buys your products and services? Who is your ideal client?

It’s important before doing anything that you establish this, that way you can build your strategy around your target audience.

Do your research and find out where your ideal client is likely to hang out. Whether that be in a Facebook group or an in person networking event. Make sure you know the rules of the groups for posting, be present and active in the group and be aware of dates and locations for in person events.

2. What’s your USP? (Unique Selling Point)

What makes you different from the competition? Why do you stand out? What do you offer that they don't? Make sure this is included in your marketing strategy.

3. What’s your goal?

Determine what you intend to get out of your marketing strategy. Do you want more leads? More orders? Are you just wanting to build your followers or connections? Knowing the reason behind your marketing strategy will give you ideas of how you can reach your end goal and you’ll have a better understanding of what method to use.

4. Decide where you want to direct your audience

Once you capture their attention, where's the perfect place to direct them to? Maybe it’s your website, a Facebook Group, your landing page to sign up or a link to book a call with you. These call to actions (CTA’s) are vital to ensure you don’t lose your potential client once you have their attention.

5. Now decide how you want to market your business. This can be in various ways and it doesn’t just have to be one method. You can get your personal brand out there in many ways but make sure if you do choose more than one method you don’t lose sight of your goal.

We help clients with their marketing strategies in various ways. We can:

  • map out your marketing strategy for you from the beginning

  • help you to generate leads, with a lead magnet on your website.

  • build out a new website or make changes to your existing one to include CTA buttons and make it more user friendly

  • create your social media images and content and even schedule it for you

  • write blogs and publish to your website and social media

  • generate more connections and followers for you

  • develop a mailing list for you and reach out to people via email or post

  • create flyers, brochures, business cards etc

Download our services guide here

Be sure to not lose sight of your existing client base. Your marketing strategy doesn’t necessarily need to target new clients, it can help to get repeat business or upsell your services. Remember, clients may not always be aware of everything you offer so be sure to include this in your marketing strategy.

If you’re struggling to find the time to create a marketing strategy or already have a marketing strategy in place but don’t know where to start then we’d love to have a chat with you.

Book a call with us today.

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