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Working from home during the pandemic

The last few months have been challenging and unusual for us all. The unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic have lead to many of us working from home, which has been a massive adjustment for most people. Whilst some of us have coped better than others, embracing the positivity it has brought, such as avoiding the stressful commute to work, and gaining a more laid back lifestyle, others have found it incredibly difficult to adapt to the change. Whether you live alone and miss the social interaction, or because the kids are running riot, it can be hard to keep on task. With many businesses now realising that working from home is actually productive and cost effective, home may become a more permanent fixture for our working environment. So how do we get over these demons?

So how can you stay motivated?

1. Create a workspace – Sitting on the sofa with the laptop on your knee is not ideal! It’s not good for your posture and sitting on the sofa will zap your energy! Choose a quiet area to avoid distractions. Whether it be the kitchen table or a desk in a spare room, you will be more productive with less distractions.

2. Have a routine – Set your alarm, keep to your routine as if you were going to work and leaving the house. Doing this will set you up for the day and keep you revitalised.

3. Plan your work schedule – Make sure you finish a task before moving onto something else. Multi tasking is a great skill to have as long as projects get finished. Set goals to achieve, small goals will lead to big goals. By writing them down and ticking off what you have achieved you will be able to see your progression, which will keep you positively motivated.

4. Take breaks – An overworked mind isn’t necessarily a productive one. Take the time to have a coffee or get a breath of fresh air, more oxygen enables your brain to function more efficiently, improving your concentration skills.

5. Keep in touch – arrange video call for a general chit chat or have a team quiz with colleagues. This is a great way to keep up morale. Share your experiences with each other, your colleagues may feel the same way as you or maybe able to give you tips and advice. Social interaction especially face to face, is so important for our mental health and wellbeing. Lack of it, can result in depression and anxiety.

So if you are feeling low about still working from home and wondering how you’re going to get through these times which have been forced upon us, take note of the above and remember you are not alone! #wereallinthistogether


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